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A wonderful combination: One beautiful park and one amazing excursion! This takes you to these two wonderful places in two days and you can pick what day you want to do it!! The pickup is right at the lobby and will get you back with a big smile on your face!! At Xenotes Tour, you will discover the four types of cenotes that exist, plus having different activities at each one. At Xcaret, get into the best of the culture and nature of Mexico.

Tour Xcaret Plus
Daily 6:35 am

Tour Xenotes
Daily 8:35 am

Once you book the combo you can let us know when you want to do them or if you prefer you can even let us know once you get here.


Keep in mind:


•The combos have 15 days from your first visit to attend the tours on your package (a Park or Tour per day).
•Your coupon is valid for one year.
•The Combos (Tours) are not cancelable, nor refundable.
•The Combos (Tours) have 15 days from your first visit to attend the remaining tours (one per day). You must present the same bracelet in each tour. Please do not remove the bracelet until your last tour is over. Without the bracelet you will not be able to board your next activity.
•The tickets, activities or tours included in your purchase, are not exchangeable for other tickets, activities or tours.
•In Xenotes, to ensure your protection and ensure that the harnesses are comfortable and fit each of our visitors correctly, a minimum weight of 88 lbs. (40 kg) is require and a maximum weight of 300 pounds (136 Kg)


$310.00 Regular Price
$263.50Sale Price