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Awareness, education and guidelines.

All of our staff and talent have taken mandatory courses and online education about COVID-19 awareness and the proper steps to ensure the higyene standards of international health organizations for a safe working enviroment.

WHO Course about standard precautions.

Mexico's Health care system Institute mandatory certification on prevention of COVID-19

CDC Toolkit for a comprehensive return to activity

OSHA recommendations guide for returning to economic activities.


The well-being and safety of our clients and staff are our highest priority. We strengthen sanitary security practices and hygiene measures in our staff, as well as in our facilities and transports, in order to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.


  • The groups will be reduced so that the “VIP” excursions are carried out in Vans and with only guests of WIVC Coral Mar.

  •  All our Vans are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily.

  • All our vans will carry alcohol-gel dispensers (70%).

  • In most activities the temperature (in the shade) of all visitors will be taken before boarding the transportation. Any reading of 38 ° C or higher should be considered suspicious for disease. If the reading is positive, the guest will be asked NOT TO board the van with the group and will be invited to visit a doctor for a review.

  • Visitors must respect at all times the signs and capacities established to maintain healthy distance measures.

  • All members of the same family will be able to stay together during their excursion.

  • All our staff will use a three-layer face mask as Personal Protective Equipment.

  • According to the activity, and in some cases, our staff who have more contact with the clients, in addition to the use of the three-layer mask, will be wearing a face mask or safety goggles.

  • Shake hands will be avoided

Staff - Staff

Staff - Clients and Suppliers


  • Office hours will be reduced to only open in the morning (8 am to Noon)

  • We will still provide our 24 hours customer service through our phone number, chat, email and whatsApp.

  • Visits of suppliers and company representatives without an appointment are canceled.

  • Clients must respect the established signs and capacities at all times to maintain healthy distance measures.

  • To maintain a healthy distance, clear marks will be established on the floor.

  • Alcohol-gel dispensers will be available and we will invite our guests to use before and after each transaction.

  • Daily, at the end of each shift our office will be cleaned and disinfected.

  • All staff will use a three-layer face mask and face protection mask as Personal Protective Equipment.

  • Shake hands will be avoided

Staff - Staff

Staff - Clients and Suppliers


Even though each company maintains its own protocols, the staff of Coox Ximba Tours will be vigilant that they have the hygiene and healthy distance measures dictated by the national and international health authorities to guarantee the safety of our passengers.


  • Coox Ximba Tours works DIRECTLY with the official transportation of the parks and has no agreements with third parties that may not comply with the protocols and standards of hygiene and safety established by the parks.

  • By purchasing online we will deliver your tickets as well as important information about your excursion upon arrival.

We will adopt any other measure that we could consider necessary to safeguard the safety and health of our clients, which has been the most important value throughout our 28 years of uninterrupted service